Equipment Training

Private equipment training allows for maximum flexibility and customization. Each session is one-of-a-kind and can be tailored to work gently with physical limitations while still helping you reach your fitness goals. We have at our disposal a half cadillac, reformer, chair, ladder barrel, full cadillac, foam rollers and other props. This allows us to introduce Pilates to the beginning student and fully challenge the advanced.

Intro Pack

Our Intro Pack is designed to gauge each student’s capabilities and restrictions and ensure each student gets the maximum benefit from their Pilates training, without risk of injury. This series is required for all new students beginning training at Moving Moxie Pilates. Each student receives three private equipment sessions for $165.

Private Session

For 55 minutes an instructor is devoted to you and your Pilates experience. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs and goals with time spent on the Pilates equipment and occasionally on the mat.

1 5 10 20 30
Private $65 $325 $585 $1300 $1950

Semi-Private Session

Similar to a private, you and your partner will participate in a 55 minute session using apparatus and supervised by the senior instructor.  Moxie works hard to harmonize and create a positive and supportive environment for the individual within a semi-private session. 40 $ a session.


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