Pilates is the most effective exercise routine that I have ever tried. I feel so good both while I am doing it and afterward that I keep coming back week after week. No exercise regimen has ever done that for me! I have enjoyed many good teachers in my Pilates experience, but one of the key reasons that I find myself returning each week to Moving Moxie is that McKenzie is a great instructor! She understands proper technique and is able to convey that in her teaching to ensure everyone is doing the work correctly and safely. I know my technique is improving each week! And the studio itself is a warm and inviting place, with great instructors who make the workout effective and enjoyable at the same time. I love the Moxie “community!”


“I can’t recommend taking Pilates instruction from owner Kenzie highly enough! I am what most fitness trainers would describe as an unorthodox client, in that I am obese (how I hate that word!) and lead an inactive lifestyle. In short, I was a physical wreck. For that very reason, I developed weak, underused muscles and painful joints. Rather than viewing me judgmentally or declining to work with me because I presented too much of a challenge, Kenzie saw me as the beautiful blank canvas that I was. She’s guided me progressively through Pilates fundamentals, starting with simple, basic exercises and incorporating more classical exercises as I improve. I’m still obese (I still hate that word!), but my joint pain is pretty much gone and I can feel my core getting stronger and stronger. Kenzie’s approach is to educate in a focused yet fun way that makes me want to continue taking classes from her.”


“I wish I’d found you 30 years ago! You have made such a difference in my physical well-being. I feel much stronger and I know my balance has improved immensely. I commute a half an hour each way because when something makes that big of difference in your life, it is worth it.”


Mckenzie’s classes are exceptional because she provides insightful visuals and personalized evaluation, ensuring proper body positioning for a challenging, strength-building workout. When I started a year and a half ago I wouldn’t have imagined terms like “shrimp feet” and “bread loaf” would cue proper core strengthening technique, but such is her adept expertise in recognizing and adjusting body alignment using simple images. Her consistent instruction from class to class guarantees steady progress, which is one reason I’ve committed exclusively to her training. Perhaps most impressive is Mckenzie’s intuition for fine tuning an exercise to overcome any physical limitations, while still maximizing the movement’s benefit. Years of regular biking and running without sufficient stretching had resulted in tightness through my quads, hamstrings, and hip-flexors. Mckenzie recommended specific stretches and alterations to exercises that have greatly reduced the tightness and allowed for more effective strength-building. Balancing strengthening with stretching in a light-hearted and supportive atmosphere, Mckenzie’s classes are a holistic wellness experience that I enthusiastically recommend to anyone. (Guys especially, you don’t know what you’re missing!)

– Ben

My initial exposure to Pilates was from two extremely good teachers and after training with them for three years, I found out how good they really were. I tried many subsequent instructors and found most lacking. I despaired of ever finding another teacher with sound Pilates technique. Then I found Jenny! Jenny’s solid technique and ability to convey the subtle and difficult movements of Pilates with clarity and enthusiasm has been a wonderful addition to my life. Jenny has vast knowledge of mat routines and the esoteric Pilates equipment, always with careful attention to safety. The Moving Moxie studio is a comfortable and bright setting for a great Pilates workout. I hope to study with Jenny for a long time to come.


Jenny Agnew is a fantastic instructor. When I first started coming to Moving Moxie last January, I was new to pilates. Immediately, I felt very comfortable in Jenny’s class. She creates an environment that is conducive to learning. She explains new concepts clearly and is always open to questions and feedback. Not only have I improved my core strength and toned my body by taking pilates, the focus on breathing and greater muscle awareness have helped me manage my stress better.